Cute And Funny Or Outrageous? Dad Posted A Video Of Himself Comfort-Nursing His Baby Daughter, Causing A Twitterstorm

Date September 12, 2018

Funny, cute, or inappropriate? A video of dad comfort-nursing his baby has Twitter users divided

When a baby gets fussy, one way to comfort him or her is offering the nipple. Every mom can do it, but what happens when dads try to do it?

One Twitter user, named 'Daddy Duke', posted an 8-second video of himself comfort-nursing his baby daughter. In the video, they both look somewhat confused.

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The video went viral, and many of those who viewed it were equally confused. Some even found it inappropriate:

However, most comments have been positive and supportive. Here are some of them:

From a psychological standpoint, is it OK for dads to offer the nipple to their babies for comfort when moms are not around? Not only is it normal, but it may also be beneficial, as it turns out!

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Why there’s nothing wrong with dads comfort-nursing their babies

As any parent would tell you, babies don’t always suck to feed. Actually, the act of sucking comforts them and calms them down – isn’t this the reason why we have pacifiers?

There’s nothing wrong with dads offering their nipples to babies for comfort. It’s basically the same as giving a pacifier or a bottle to a baby – the purpose is to calm him or her down.

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Speaking to ABC News, breastfeeding specialist and pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman said:

This story is not about producing milk, but strictly calming the baby with the father's breast.

Dr. Newman went on to mention that he tried it with his baby.

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Not only does comfort-nursing calm babies down, but it also promotes parent-child bonding, the very same process that breastfeeding moms and their babies go through. Skin-to-skin contact is vitally important for early development and health of babies, and it doesn’t have to come exclusively from moms. In fact, skin-to-skin contact is good for babies and dads alike – it lays the groundwork for a close, trusting relationship between the child and the dad in the future.

Although comfort-nursing may look weird and unusual to some when it’s done by dads, there is nothing wrong with it.

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