"Dad Of The Year" Or Psycho? Dad Shot Up His Daughter's Laptop After She Bad-Mouthed Him On Facebook

Date August 15, 2018

How one dad punished his teen daughter for vile comments on Facebook

What would you do if your child went on Facebook and wrote a long, expletive-filled, disrespectful rant about doing too much chores for everyone to see? When this happened to Tommy Jordan, he came up with a creative (and probably extreme) punishment and filmed the whole thing. When the dad posted the video online, it became viral in a matter of days and landed him on national TV. What’s in it?

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Here’s a recap: Tommy’s teenage daughter, Hannah, complained on Facebook about having to do too many chores, using some pretty strong language and criticizing her family. She thought her parents wouldn’t be able to see the post, as she had changed her privacy settings, but Tommy saw it anyway and decided to teach her a lesson.

Tommy recorded a response to his daughter’s rant, explaining why she’s wrong, and what he did at the end of the video stunned everyone.

The dad took Hannah’s laptop (which he had just upgraded) and did something really unexpected.


He literally shot it up! Here is you can see the whole video.

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The video quickly went viral. It was all over the news, and when NBC’s Matt Lauer asked Dr. Phil McGraw to weigh in, he called this measure extreme but stressed that this was not the worst parenting he had seen. Dr. Phil also said the father shouldn’t have posted the video online. He said:

You never, ever humiliate your child publically.


Tommy had never expected his video to go viral and become the subject of nationwide discussion. In another video, the dad called Dr. Phil’s criticism “hypocritical”, saying he humiliates parents and children on his show every day.

Later, when the Jordan family appeared on Today, the father said he wasn’t proud of the laptop shooting but stood by his parenting ways and said he didn’t do it for attention. He also had a little surprise for his daughter.

The laptop was ruined, but Tommy kept the hard drive with all his daughter’s pictures and other stuff.

Do you think the dad went overboard shooting his daughter’s laptop? What would you do if you were in his shoes? Share your opinion in the comments!

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