Funny Or Cruel? Dad Offered "Free Spanking" To Frustrated Parents Of Misbehaving Kids, But People Are Not Amused

Date September 12, 2018 11:09

Dad offered “free spanking” to other parents. Is his joke cruel or funny?

When children misbehave, is spanking the right way to discipline them? Many parents still use spanking as a punishment, as their own parents spanked them when they were little. Other parents refuse to use any form of physical punishment, arguing it can erode trust between a parent and a child. Arguments about spanking never seem to stop.

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One creative dad named Dwayne Stamper set up a “spanking booth”, jokingly offering “free spanking” to frustrated parents. He wrote about it on Facebook, and his post immediately went viral. It has garnered thousands of shares and reactions, but the comments have been mixed.

Many people took the post as a joke (which it probably is):

Others, however, were not amused:

Negative reactions are quite understandable, especially in light of this dad’s previous post. He was at a restaurant and saw a mom whose kid was crying because he didn’t get the gum he wanted. The man suggested to that mom, in all seriousness, that she spanked her son to stop the crying.

Of course, it’s up to parents to decide which discipline methods are best (as long as it’s not child abuse), but can spanking really be effective?

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What spanking does to a child and which discipline methods are better?

Although spanking is still used by many parents, psychologists argue against this discipline method. As other forms of physical punishment, spanking can instill fear in a child, but it cannot correct undesired behaviors or teach a lesson. Moreover, a child who is spanked may grow resentful towards the person who does the spanking.

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If a child is spanked for misbehavior instead of being taught the right behavior, the misbehavior won’t stop – the child will just get better at hiding it from parents. Also, a child who is spanked will grow up to think that physical violence is a normal manifestation of anger.

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If you want to teach your child a lesson and correct his/her behavior, other discipline methods are more helpful. These include timeouts, taking away privileges, and teaching proper behavior by example. Also, it’s important to reinforce good behavior with praise.

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Spanking should follow the way of whipping and other forms of physical punishment and become a thing of the past.

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