Mom Is Outraged After A Flight Attendant Said Her 8-Month-Old Was "Not Allowed" To Cry In Business Class

Date October 2, 2018 16:49

Mom was told it was “absolutely unacceptable” for her 8-month-old to cry in business class

When Krupa Patel Bala boarded the flight from Sydney to San Francisco with her husband and their 8-month-old, she didn’t know how her baby would handle the flight. The family took their seats in business class, and the baby soon started crying.

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As the mom wrote in a Facebook post, after about 5 minutes of her baby crying a flight attendant named Linda approached them and told them it was “absolutely unacceptable” for the baby to cry. The flight attendant asked them to calm the baby down.

It’s common for babies to cry on flights, and, unsurprisingly, the baby didn’t calm down. According to Krupa, the flight attendant walked up to them again and was extremely rude to them. Here are a couple of things she told the mom, according to the post:

  • the screaming baby was causing distress to other passengers and crew members;
  • babies “are not allowed to cry for more than 5 minutes”.

These statements turned out to be untrue, the mom wrote.

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The flight attendant also pointed out that some airlines don’t allow babies to fly business class.

The mom was absolutely furious. In an update to her original post, she wrote that the captain apologized for the flight attendant and tried to make her apologize, too. After the plane landed, representatives of the airline offered their apologies and a refund, which the family accepted.

In the comments to Krupa’s post, many people sided with the flight attendant, calling the mom "inconsiderate" and "selfish".

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How to keep your baby calm on a flight

It doesn’t come as a surprise to parents who fly with their babies that little ones can get fussy and start screaming and crying during flights. It’s not always easy to calm down a crying baby, whether you are mid-air or on the ground, but the following tips may help, according to BabyCentre UK:

  1. Feed your baby on take-off and landing – the swallowing can ease ear discomfort for the baby.
  2. Offer your baby a pacifier.
  3. If your baby is awake and calm, take a walk with him (or her) along the aisle to give the baby an opportunity to explore the unfamiliar surroundings. If the baby gets fussy at some point of the flight, a walk along the aisle may help calm him (or her) down.
  4. Let your baby look out of the window.
  5. If you need help from your partner, cabin crew, or other passengers, ask for it.

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Try to use these tips for the comfort of your baby, other passengers, and for your own comfort.

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