Mom Of Twins Got Sick And Tired Of Nagging Questions About Her Girls, So She Made A Hilarious Sign To Answer Them All

Date November 7, 2018

Raising twins is double trouble, but twice the blessing at the same time. A popular Australian blogger and mom-of-three, who goes by the nickname 'Uncanny Annie', knows all too well, and writes about it on her blog.

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Annie’s story

On her blog, Annie shares candid moments from the life of her family of five. She and her partner, Liam, have three kids — a son, Malachy, and twin girls, Delphi and Cheska. They look like the perfect family, but their path to happiness wasn’t easy.

When Annie was pregnant with Malachy, her beloved brother was killed in a car crash. The loss of her brother was earth-shattering, but Liam’s love and the new life growing inside her kept Annie going, she wrote on her website.

When Malachy was born, Annie found motherhood surprisingly easy and natural. She and Liam decided that their son needed a sibling.

Annie got pregnant again and had the surprise of her life during an ultrasound: she was expecting twin girls! But it wouldn’t be as easy with daughters as it had been with her son.

Delphi and Cheska arrived 13 weeks early and spent months in the NICU. Fortunately, they pulled through, and now both girls are happy and healthy.

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Annie’s response to nagging questions about her girls

Twins are relatively rare. According to the CDC, the twin birth rate was 33.5 per 1,000 births in 2015. It doesn’t come as a surprise that twins attract a lot of attention from curious strangers.

Annie has been getting a lot of questions and comments about her girls. Of course, most of these comments have been positive, but some are annoying, and even downright intrusive. Sick and tired of constant queries, Annie wrote a funny sign with answers to the most frequently asked questions and attached it to the girls’ stroller.

Annie posted about it on Facebook, and her post clearly resonated with a lot of people, especially parents of twins! Here are some of the comments:

The girls will be getting questions for years to come, and they're sure to come up with their own hilarious answers once they grow up!

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