Mom Was In Tears When She Saw Her Son's Dirty Hands, But His Response Made Her Realize She Raised Him Right

Date October 1, 2018 18:10

What this mom thought is her shortcoming as a parent is actually her success

It was time for Cassandra Lane’s son Zeke to have his pictures taken for the senior yearbook. The mom went with her son, and she suddenly noticed his hands. They looked like workman’s hands!

Cassandra told her son not to worry about it, as they would only do headshots, as she wrote in a Facebook post.

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While sitting in line and waiting for Zeke's turn to be photographed, Cassandra started to tear up. A sense of guilt overwhelmed her. Was she a bad parent? Zeke spent his summer working in the heat 30 to 40 hours a week. The mom felt as if she gave her son less than what his classmates got from their parents.

Over the next few days, she kept thinking about it. She apologized to her son, but what he said in response made her realize she did a great job as a parent. Zeke said:

Why are you sorry? Because you’ve taught me to work hard for things I want? Because I know the value of a dollar? Because I’m not going to think that I deserve to have everything I want?

That’s when Cassandra knew her boy was not a child anymore. He was almost a grown-up! She ended her heart-melting post with the words of praise:

I am beyond proud of Zeke, who has taken his brother shopping for a canoe today, using his money that he earned in a vehicle that he fixed with his own hands and gas he paid for by himself. I’m not ready for Zeke to grow up, but I think he’s well on his way.

Cassandra’s post resonated with many! It has been shared more than 47,000 times and garnered a lot of supportive comments. Here are some of them:

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Is having a summer job good for teens?

In the recent past, more teens used to get summer jobs than they do now. According to The Atlantic, 60 percent of teens had summer jobs or were looking for a job in 1978. By 2016, this figure dropped to 35 percent. Teens may have other important things to do, but working in summer benefits them in more than one way.

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SheKnows spoke to parenting expert and adolescent psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg and JJ Ramberg, founder of Goodshop and host of MSNBC’s Your Business. The experts offered a few good reasons why having a summer job is good for teens:

  1. It teaches teens to be responsible employees.
  2. It helps teens learn to value money.
  3. It helps teens learn how to work in a team and build positive relationships in a workplace.
  4. Having a job can boost a teen’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
  5. It teaches teens the importance of time-management.

If your teen finds a summer job with a decent employer, it will only benefit them in the long run.

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