Newborn Boy Was Dumped By His Mom At An Urgent Care With The Umbilical Cord Still Attached, But He Ended Up In A Loving Family

Date September 14, 2018

How common is adoption in the United States?

According to the Adoption Network Law Center, about 140,000 children are adopted by American families every year.

The lives of 6 in 10 Americans have been touched by adoption, meaning they themselves, a relative, or a close friend were adopted, they adopted a child, or they placed a child for adoption.

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Unfortunately, some women who give birth are either unwilling or unable to care for their babies. But, luckily, many of these babies end up in loving and caring families, and this is exactly what happened to one Oklahoma boy.

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The story of Baby W

Todd and Amy, a couple living in Oklahoma, already had kids when they thought their family was incomplete. They decided to adopt.

On November 25, 2015, their adoption agency called with the great news. There was a baby up for adoption, and the family could come and meet him right away.

Earlier that day, Todd saw a news report about a baby boy whose homeless mom dropped him off at a local urgent care with the umbilical cord still attached. ‘Could it be him?’ the couple thought.

Once they came to the agency’s office, they learned that their gut feeling was right. It was him! Soon, the family were on their way to the NICU to meet the baby.

The boy had to spend some time in the NICU, and his new parents took him home once he got better. The adoption process was finalized almost a year later, on November 11, 2016.

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How the boy is doing now

Amy and Todd believe their son was a gift from God. They have been sharing their journey together on a Facebook page titled Through My Eyes, where they write about their son’s experiences from his perspective.

The couple chose not to disclose the name they gave him, for privacy reasons. They refer to him only as W.

They also share advice and offer guidance to other people who are interested in adoption. Oh, how much red tape they had to deal with before W officially became their son!

This family is truly blessed. We wish them best of luck on their journey!

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