Premature Twin Was Declared Dead But Came Back To Life After His Parents Held Him For 5 Minutes. 8 Years Later, He And His Sis Are Doing Great!

Date October 3, 2018 17:13

Back in 2010, Kate and David Ogg were excitedly waiting for their twins to arrive. It’s common for twins to be born a little early, but Kate went into labor at 27 weeks.

Miracles happen

On March 25, 2010, when Kate gave birth to the twins, doctors told her and her husband that one of the babies hadn’t made it. Nurses gave the baby boy to Kate so she and David could say goodbye.

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Kate placed their tiny son on her chest and David lay next to her. They held their beautiful little baby together for a few minutes, and then, the unimaginable happened: the boy started to move and opened his eyes.

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The Oggs and the medical team that assisted the delivery were absolutely amazed. The baby boy had been lifeless for about five minutes, but his parents’ warmth and loving touch brought him back to life!

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The miracle of life made the headlines and brought the importance of skin-to-skin contact (or kangaroo care, as it’s known) for newborn babies into the spotlight. Although proponents of kangaroo care admit that it’s not a miracle cure, they say it should be encouraged and premature babies can benefit from it.

Fortunately, the twins, who the Oggs named Jamie and Emily, have been doing great. Since their early arrival, they’ve been meeting milestone after milestone! They are eight years old now, and they have two younger siblings, a boy named Charlie and a girl.

Here’s what other parents can learn from the story: gentle, loving touch is therapeutic for babies. It may not be a miracle cure, but it can make things better.

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