Dad Warns Every Parent To Read Labels After His Daughter Nearly Died Of Choking In His Arms

Date July 6, 2018

There are emergencies that require hospitalization and medical help, but there are cases where only you can save your child, as their life can end in a matter of just two minutes. Justin Morrice almost lost his little daughter Annabelle in his arms because of chocking and wants to remind every parent of how it is vital to read labels on the foods your children eat thoroughly and carefully.

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Scariest minute of the dad's life

The dad had just finished feeding Annabelle and left a few Gerber cheesies from Nestle on her highchair tray. Isn’t it a great way to finish off the dinner with this dessert? He was rinsing his daughter’s bowl when the girl began choking. The dad turned and saw the horrible nightmare came true: Annabelle tried to cry, but there was no sound, as apparently, the snack got stuck right where her vocal chords are.

Justin flipped his child over facing down and started slapping her back, but nothing came out. He flipped her over again and saw her lips had already turned bluish. That’s when the dad’s panic mode turned on:

It’s at this moment I thought my little girl was going to die in my arms... I panicked and did the only thing I could think of....I rammed my finger into her mouth and down her throat and was able to squish the cheesie enough that the next thing I heard was the sweetest sound in the world...her crying.

Fortunately, after the dad repeated the procedure of slapping his daughter’s back, the cheesie became dislodged, and he was able to get it out of her mouth. Justin recalls this minute as the most frightening one in his life. The still-shaking dad found the warning sign telling it is best to use the contents within 5 days after breaking the seal.

And indeed, after 5 days, the snack turns into a foam-like earplug, which simply doesn’t break apart but expands back when squished. This is why the girl couldn’t chew and swallow it properly. Justin reminds all parents to read labels thoroughly. Don’t be the “lazy” parent.

What can you do if your child is choking?

There are several specific techniques you can perform immediately to save your child’s life:

  1. Slaps. Flip your child over and set him or her face down (face should be below the chest) and with the help of your hand, quickly slap the back (between the shoulder blades) 5 times.
  2. Thrusts. Hold your baby face up. Keep his or her head lower than their chest. Place two fingers right in the middle of the chest and give five quick thrusts.
  3. Hard thrusts. If your child is older than one year, put your arms around their waist while standing behind them. Make a fist and put it right below the rib cage. Give your child quick inward and upward thrusts.
  4. CPR. If your child becomes unresponsive, you have to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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