Mom Shares A Terrifying Warning After A Stranger Claiming To Be From Child Protective Service Showed Up At Her House

Date July 23, 2018 14:41

Attention! Kidnappers are getting incredibly bold. This mother’s shocking story, unfortunately, is not new, as the similar attempts of kidnapping children are happening across the country over and over.

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Disguised kidnapper

Ashley Bradley got to Facebook to warn every parent about kidnappers after one woman posing as a Child Protective Service worker tried to take her child away. According to her story, the mother was putting her son down for a nap, when she heard a knock on her door. There was a lady who introduced herself and said she came with Delaware county CPS to remove her son Ja’Vonni from her care.

Naturally, anyone’s first reaction would be getting mad or even furious. However, Ashley’s quick thinking saved her family from the horrible scenario happening. She saw that the alleged CPS worker didn’t have a state-issued badge and the son’s name on her folder was misspelled. Ashley also realized she didn’t have any CPS cases, meaning the authorities wouldn’t have been coming to her house.

The mother asked the lady to provide identification, but the latter said she had already done it. Bradley warned the woman about the intention to call the police, and when she went to her living room for the phone, the kidnapper quickly fled off her property. Ashley still decided to contact the police.

The mother writes:

My son is going to stay with someone safe for a few days until I can get my house set up to where "if" someone attempts to cp.e in and take my child they will leave in a body bag!!!!

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How to recognize a kidnapper?

According to police, people come from different states and countries, under different disguises to kidnap children for sex trafficking and organ trade. Could you imagine that these absolutely inhumane, shocking things would still be there in 2018? Similar reports were received in Nebraska last year. The woman posing as a Department of Health and Human Services employee also tried to steal children yet failed to provide identification.

According to CEO Courtney Phillips, every DHHS worker carries a state-issued badge, DHHS photo identification badge. You can call the service to verify their employment.

We hope that no one would fall into the similar trap. Let’s protect our children, spread this information across the country! We thank Ashley Bradley for sharing her story and raising awareness!

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