"My Biggest Regret In Life." Grieving Mother Warns All Parents After Her Little Girl Was Suffocated To Death By A Cuddly Toy

Date July 6, 2018

This story concerns every parent. A mourning mother shares her devastating story and warns about the teddy bear related danger to your babies. Her little Connie Rose died of the huge cuddly toy right next to the mother. Dexy Leigh Walsh, 23, from Dundee, UK, started a campaign to raise awareness about the things that can pose a threat for the babies during their sleep, and honor her late daughter, Connie Rose.

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What happened?

18-month-old Connie Rose was peacefully sleeping in her cot. The mother put some cuddly toys to fill a gap between her bed and the wall. She thought the toys wouldn’t cause any harm, as the girl was presumably old enough. The toys were supposed to prevent the girl from falling down. However, it was one of the toys that fell down on the baby and strangled her to death.

She had a bed guard at one side and the smallest gap from her wall to her bed, and that’s where I had put all her teddies. My biggest regret in life.

It was too late

The mother got up early in the morning to wake her oldest daughter to get ready for school, and then she went over to Connie’s bed and saw her under the big teddy bear. The girl wasn’t breathing. Dexy called the ambulance and performed CPR. The woman followed all the instructions told by the paramedics on the phone. However, when the ambulance arrived, it was too late:

They asked everybody to leave the room and tried for two minutes as well, then came to the bedroom door. I can't really remember what she said, I just heard 'I'm sorry'.

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Sleep safety advice

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is, unfortunately, very common in children up to 2 years old. It is important to know several things to prevent such a horrible scenario from happening. Experts advise getting rid of any unnecessary items in the baby’s cot, as they can increase the risk of SIDS. These include:

  • pillows or duvets;
  • cot bumpers;
  • loose bedding;
  • soft toys;
  • straps that are keeping the baby in the same position.

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We hope that nobody will have to go through such a horrible thing as the loss of their baby. One thing you can do for sure is to keep your baby’s sleep safe!

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