Extremely Viral Video Of Children Strapped To Their Car Seats Running In A Parking Lot Divides People Into Two Camps

Date August 2, 2018 09:15

Well, this one certainly gives us more questions than answers. The weird footage is showing two children strapped to their car seats running in a parking lot. This video is becoming seriously viral because of its controversy. Some people find it absolutely hilarious, while others think it is really disturbing.

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"What in the Child Services is this"?

We can clearly see three children running around the car wash parking lot. Two of them are strapped to their car seats. The best guess is that the parent left their children to keep them off running around and be able to clean their car safely. Obviously, that didn’t work, as the little ones were acting like escaping prisoners. Maybe, the third one even managed to escape the car seat?

D.Beezy / Facebook

Super viral video!

Some people found it very disturbing and said that the parents should be reported. The incident was captured by a musician called D. Beezy and posted on his Facebook page. More than 31 million views, almost 500,000 shares, and 150,000 comments! This is a definition of a viral video. See it yourself:

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People's reaction

People obviously formed two pretty equal camps, where the first half defends the adult, and the other is actually against his “abusive” actions:

What do you think of this case? Do you consider this as the Child Services related incident or simply a funny, failed attempt of keeping the children calm?

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