Happy Parents Share Good News About Their 4-Month-Old Girl Who Has Been Struck By A Softball

Date July 16, 2018 15:36

The most intense medical thrillers seem more like fairytales in comparison with McKenna Hovenga’s horrible story. The 7-week-old girl got hit in the head by a softball during her father’s game on May 2nd. McKenna received an extremely severe trauma that made everyone doubt if she’s going to survive. Fortunately, today, the 4-month-old infant is making significant progress. How the family went through this horrific experience?

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It happened in one second

It was a regular softball game until, out of the blue, the ball came over the fence and struck the baby when her mother was preparing to breastfeed her. You would think such an awful accident can occur only in movies, but unfortunately, it happened in real life.

McKenna was immediately hospitalized, where the doctors tried to stabilize the girl. She was then transformed to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where she was diagnosed with severe skull fractures and life-threatening brain damage.

McKenna has experienced several brain bleeds, brain swelling and frequent seizures that lasted more than half an hour. The family created a community on Facebook to keep those who care updated about McKenna’s condition.

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Current health status

On July 11, the parents shared a new health update, and it is really comforting. Finally, we all can breathe out for the first time. McKenna is already one month since being home from the hospital. The happy parents share her achievements:

She sleeps great through the night and likes to cat nap throughout the day. She is so relaxed and such a laid back little girl! She HATES tummy time, being left alone and getting dressed and undressed!

Lee and Kassy Hovenga also write that their daughter loves baths and is the most talkative when her diapers are getting changed. The little girl is working on taking the bottle, and some days are rough for her, but the parents hope for full recovery. The rule is to stay positive and keep the faith.

We pray to learn one day that McKenna is perfectly healthy and has no brain damage related consequences.

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Good News