Tired Mom Finds A Clever Way To Teach Her Children Keep Their Rooms Clean And You Can Try It Too!

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June 11, 2018 16:24 By Fabiosa

Oh, those teenage years. We’ve all been there. And now, as parents, we shouldn’t be surprised much of how hard it is to manage our children. Are you frustrated with your teenagers not doing chores and cleaning up their messy rooms even after you’ve asked them in the tenth time? This mom has invented a new cool way to teach her teenagers a good lesson.

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The invention

Alice Velasquez, a creative mother from Bargersville, shared a post of multiple plastic bags with some stuff in them. How many of you figured out her idea just by the photo?

Alice got pretty much tired of cleaning her daughters’ rooms after nagging every time. So she decided to turn the tables. She put everything into plastic bags and started selling them back for $25 each. And the teenagers could earn money by doing chores.

The mother also forbad the girls from using the money they had already earned. Pretty clever, isn’t it? The mother gloats as there is one more cunning aspect regarding her method:

The best part? The bags were collected as they were found in the room- random! So their $25 could buy a bag of dirty clothes, it could buy a bag of trash or it could buy their soccer gear.

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People's reaction

Many parents appreciated Alice’s wit and shared their own experience:

Aside from the positive effects, there are some negative ones

However, there were those who disapproved the mother’s method. Although Alice’s way of dealing with teenage irresponsibility is quite innovative and clever, this is a crafty manipulation after all. And by raising kids in the manipulative environment, you cut their common sense and logical thinking. Such children tend to grow into either successful manipulators (if they can somehow beat their parents in their game) or constant victims of manipulations from other people (if they always bend to the parents’ will), while the relationships between people are not always about manipulations.

Before having to resort to such measures, make sure your children fully understand why it is necessary or important to do something. In other words, talk openly to them, as you can also be wrong at something.

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