Man, Who Transitioned From Female, Gave Birth And Now Demands To Be Named Dad On His Son's Birth Certificate

Date July 19, 2019

In the world that we live in, the concept of gender has evolved. It is no longer narrowed down to just men and women, and it is necessary to understand the labels.

A transgender is a person who has a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex.

Man, Who Transitioned From Female, Gave Birth And Now Demands To Be Named Dad On His Son's Birth CertificateAndrii Zastrozhnov /

While being transgender is a trend that is permeating society, it hasn't been entirely accepted by many.

Usually, people who don't go by the label male or female are often subjects of mistreatment and bias. An example is this man fighting for his child.

Freddy's fight for freedom to be a dad

As it is in several 'from woman to man' transition cases, Freddy McConnell decided to keep his womb. Freddy had artificial insemination from a donor and gave birth to a healthy baby who is the spitting image of himself.

However, the circumstances surrounding who is the father or mother of the case is the crux of the matter.

According to the rules entrenched in 1836, the General Register Office couldn't permit Freddy to include his name as the father on his son's birth certificate without a mention of the mother first.

The enigma resulted in a legal battle with the Government which has been overturned to the High Court.

Freddy's lawyer contends that the Government is violating his rights by trying to coerce Freddy into being regarded as the baby's mother, when he is in fact, a man.

In the light that he wins this case, Freddy's child would be the first in Britain without a mother on the birth certificate.

Initially, Freddy's name wasn't known as he asked the court that he wanted to be anonymous. However, he lost the right to be anonymous when he created a documentary after his life story.

The documentary, Seahorse

The documentary was set in motion three years ago and included how his transition journey unfolded. It featured his supportive mother, who stood by him through the ordeal, and his father, who needed a little push.

Freddy's father couldn't comprehend how he wanted to be a man and at the same time, live through the experience that defines a woman.

Seahorse showed in the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Freddy also granted an interview with The Guardian, where he exposed exclusive information about him including his name, address, and medical information on his transition.

The ruling of the High Court will influence the possibility of Fredd entirely scrapping the mother's name from the document. Whatever happens, one obvious thing: Freddy loves his child deeply!