Cancer Survivor Mother Fined By School For Taking Her Kids On Holiday To Celebrate The Recovery

Date July 19, 2019 12:38

There is never a bad time to celebrate beating cancer. In fact, people who struggled with it probably do it every single day when they wake up in the morning and express gratitude for the life they have been given. To honor the journey that might have never crossed once mind many chose to go on a trip with their families and spend quality time enjoying life together.

Cancer Survivor Mother Fined By School For Taking Her Kids On Holiday To Celebrate The RecoveryPixel-Shot /

Isn't it great? Of course, yes! Unless you are a school student because then you might encounter many problems when missing lessons.

A mum who took her children on a term-time holiday to celebrate her cancer recovery has been fined £788 because her reasons were not considered ‘exceptional’.

The 36-year-old went through 18 weeks of chemotherapy and had a double mastectomy after finding a lump in her breast in November 2017.

Doctors declared the mum-of-four clear of cancer last year and, in October, she applied to Central Lancaster High School - which two of her children attend - for six days' leave in December.

After their application was rejected, the family had no time to rearrange the holiday and traveled anyway, before receiving a letter from the local authority on their return.

The mother said Daily Mail:

"The school have said they were model students and that we should be proud of them...I really feel like they deserved this trip after everything they have been through. The way we have been treated is really upsetting."

Katie also said that the school's decision made her feel like the illness was "nothing".

The holiday was a surprise treat for the children to give them a chance to spend time with their mum after so much upheaval. Imagine their surprise when they received the fine after returning home.

Shouldn't the school show more sympathy to the family? Didn't they all deserve that vacation and time together? What do you think about the school's decision?