Wonder Baby Paige Was Born At Just 23 Weeks, But Her Transformation Is A Pure Miracle

Date October 1, 2018 17:07

The average pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks. Nevertheless, some babies are born prematurely. This wonder baby was born at just 23 weeks, but her transformation will truly amaze you.

Wonder Baby Paige Was Born At Just 23 Weeks, But Her Transformation Is A Pure MiracleAnna Jurkovska /

Wonder baby Paige

Zoe Ambrose got horrified when she went into labor at just 23 weeks. The woman found out about the pregnancy just ten days ago. Of course, she was immediately transported to the hospital by her partner Arnie.

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Zoe was sure doctors would do everything possible to save her child. But unfortunately, they said that at such an early stage, the baby is not considered viable.

The woman decided not to give up and pleaded with medics to assist. Paige was born weighing 1lb 5oz and given a 25% chance of survival.

During the interview with The Sun, Zoe said:

I’d been in labour for an hour before a doctor told me they didn’t legally have to save my baby because she was going to be born before 24 weeks. I felt so helpless. I couldn’t let my little girl die without a fight. I begged them to do everything they could to save her life and in the end they agreed.

Paige was less than a £10 note and had to spend so many time fighting for a chance to live. But now, she is ready to show her incredible transformation. Parents are very proud of their little girl, who turned out to be a real fighter. Isn’t it a miracle?

Melissa's survival story

In another similar case, Melissa Ohden survived after being aborted and dumped in a hospital bin. The woman knew she was born prematurely, but later it turned out her mother was trying to abort her. Melissa was adopted by a family, and found out this shocking secret when she was already 14.

The child was saved by a nurse who heard her crying as she lay among medical waste at the hospital. She managed to survive and even met her birth mother years later.

According to the information from the Preemie Survival Foundation, preterm births occur in about 12 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S.

Wonder Baby Paige Was Born At Just 23 Weeks, But Her Transformation Is A Pure MiracleOndroM /

These babies proved to be real fighters, who survived despite all difficulties!

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