Little Girl's Description Of Her Imaginary Friend Is So Disturbingly Creepy That The Internet Is Convinced Her Home Is Haunted

Date May 30, 2018 14:49

A three-year-old girl named Ruby just about terrified the internet after a description of her imaginary friend went viral.

Ruby's imaginary friend

We are not exactly sure if this little girl just has a really vivid imagination, or she has come across and, apparently, befriended a ghost in her home.

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Actress Natalie Morales shared this tweet below in which we can see Ruby's details about who she called her 'imaginary mum, Grateful.' Apparently, the kids were asked to write a few words about their imaginary friends, and Ruby's description was downright disturbing and much more detailed than one might expect from a three-year-old.

Some of the many scary details about 'Grateful' included her yellow eyelashes (which Ruby said helped her see in the dark) and the fact that the imaginary friend had two babies in her belly. 

Hilarious reaction to Ruby's tale

Many Twitter users responded to Natalie's post with all kinds of scared gifs and hilarious comments. 

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Since we cannot trace the origin of the Twitter post to find out who Ruby is and whether or not she can tell us more about this interesting friend, all we are left with is her terrifying description of the teenage mother with the yellow eyelashes.

If you're in the mood for something creepy

Kids do say the most unbelievable things. And a viral video posted last year is proof of that.

A YouTuber with the username DangMattSmith examined some of the scariest things kids have ever drawn or written. And considering the fact that the video reached over 15 million views, people found it super fascinating.

So, don't worry if your children say stuff that scares the heck out of you. Apparently, it's just what kids do.

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