2-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing For 2 Days, And Her Dog Never Left Her Side The Whole Time

A family dog is being hailed a hero for helping to provide comfort to a 2-year-old girl who went missing. 

Charlee's ordeal

For two days, Charlee Campbell's family did everything to find her and her pit bull after she disappeared in a wooded area near her grandparents' house. The cops talked to all the family members in desperate hopes that they would locate the missing child. 

Finally, after nearly 48 hours since she disappeared, Charlee's grandma saw Penny returning to the house. At around the same time, Charlee was found by a local resident less than a mile away. Apart from dehydration and tick bites, the little girl was completely unharmed.

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Wayne Brown, the man who found Charlee, said he spent hours looking for the girl. He had no idea how Charlee found her way to his porch, but he believed God certainly had a hand in it.

Charlee's grandmother, Beth, believed it was Penny who led the child to safety. Beth was worried about both the girl and the dog, so having them return safely was a joyful event.

One thing is for sure, it was a miracle that Charlee made it home safe. According to the County Sherrif, there were coyotes and all kinds of dangerous creatures in those hills. Having her survive through all of that had to be nothing short of miraculous.

Good job, Penny

Upon hearing this heartwarming story, many took to social media to express their gratitude and relief that the girl was found safe. 

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Charlee certainly has a loyal dog in Penny, and we hope they continue to have each other's backs for years to come. 

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