"An Impossible Time!" Olympian Bode Miller Continues To Struggle After His 19-Month-Daughter Drowns

Date June 13, 2018

As Olympic skier Bode Miller continues to deal with unimaginable pain following the loss of his daughter, he took the time to appreciate fans who have showed their support.


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A terrible accident

On Tuesday, Miller took to Instagram to announce the passing of Emmy, his 19-month-old daughter. The little girl had drowned in a neighborhood pool. All efforts to resuscitate her proved abortive.

"Her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten," Miller said in the caption of his post where he also shared the picture of the beautiful little girl.


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A note of thanks

Many people have since expressed their condolences to the grieving dad, and Miller recently shared his appreciation for their care. 

In another Instagram post, the sportsman thanked fans for their "love and support" during an "impossible time."

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Pool safety for kids

Many little children have lost their lives due to pool drowning accidents. Here are a few ways to ensure you or someone you know is not a victim.

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First off, parents should always understand that little kids are naturally curious, and a pool will definitely perk up their interest. If you have one at home, ensure it's fenced and completely enclosed. 

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Emily Samuel, a swim expert at Safe Kids Worldwide, urged parents to always clean up the surroundings of the pool and remove any item such as toys that might attract kids to the water.

Samuel also urged the importance of having a watcher during pool parties. Sometimes, adults make the mistake of assuming someone else is watching the kids, so they think it's okay to look away. To keep this from happening, choose one adult who will watch the kids at all times.

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Finally, ensure your kids know how to swim well before they are allowed in the pool at all to reduce chances of drowning.

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