"She Wouldn't Stop Crying!" Dad Admits To Killing His 9-Week-Old Baby Out Of Frustration

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June 8, 2018 17:42 By Fabiosa

In a truly unfortunate incident, a 21-year-old dad let his frustrations at his crying baby get the better of him.

The tragedy

James Ring admitted that he shook his two-month-old daughter, Aria, so forcefully that it caused a fatal brain injury. 

According to Kentonline, the dad was alone with the baby and in the process of feeding her when he lost his temper. This was apparently not his first assault against the child. Two weeks before the deadly incident, James had struck the infant at the back of her head. Again, he did so because she was crying.

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The shaking incident took place on January 7 last year, while the child died from brain injuries two days later. And since then, James denied doing anything to cause her death. He told the Maidstone Crown Court that the baby suddenly went limp when he tried to feed her. 

Even though several medical evidence proved that some physical assault was involved, James stuck with his story. Recently, however, he finally confessed to shaking his daughter. 

He pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 8 years in prison. 

People are understandably upset

Since the tragic news broke, many have taken to social networks to express their anger at the whole incident. There were those who insisted that his sentence was too light and he deserved much worse for what he did. 

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How to maintain calmness when your baby is crying

Sadly, in most cases of babies who die from Shaken Baby Syndrome, they usually involve situations where an upset adult just could not handle the baby crying. Some people have a quick temper and when it comes to little ones, this can end terribly.

There are a number of ways to handle a crying baby, but the most important is to always stay calm. If you've gone through all the scenarios that could possibly be making your baby cry (hunger, tiredness, discomfort, etc.) and the child doesn't stop, it's okay to place him/her in a safe space and take a moment to clear your head. Make sure you do this if you start to feel yourself getting frustrated.

You have to remember that you're the adult in this situation and ultimately, how things turn out completely depends on you.

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