Doctors Advised Her To Abort The Pregnancy, But She Went On To Have Healthy Triplets

Date October 4, 2018 18:33

A mom who decided to go by faith, despite the risks, welcomed beautiful triplets at the end of the day. 

Joy after years of disappointment

The journey to parenthood was not smooth for Christy and Ryan Beck. In fact, after dealing with so many failed fertility treatment attempts, they were close to accepting that they would never be parents. But things changed when Christy got pregnant and the couple found out they were expecting triplets. 

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Speaking to Inside Edition, Christy said she and Ryan were close to giving up when they decided to try one last round of IVF. They had to take out a loan to do this even though they were taking a big chance. However, they were incredibly glad it worked out.

Unfortunately, things were not so smooth with the pregnancy either. Doctors suggested that the pregnant mother aborted one of the babies in order for the remaining two to have a better chance of survival. She was placed on bedrest when she was 20 weeks pregnant and things were quite complicated.

Christy said;

We were told that since the identical twins were sharing a placenta one could not get enough blood and the other too much - risking their chances of survival. They gave me the choice to terminate one of my babies or risk losing the twins. It was crazy to go from the joy of the third baby to talking about terminating one of them.

Christy and Ryan believed they were given a third baby for a reason so they decided to take another leap of faith and said no to getting an abortion. For the rest of the pregnancy, the mom was understandably nervous. She revealed that she looked forward to checking their heartbeats constantly and was incredibly relieved each time she heard them.

Thankfully, all three babies arrived via C-section at 32 weeks.

To have them all three come out alive and healthy without any hearing, vision or any other problems was a literal miracle.

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The babies were monitored at the NICU for about two months and eventually, they got to go home.

Welcoming the Beck triplets

Christy and Ryan documented some of the special moments from the childbirth and getting to hold their triplets. 

The parents sure looked absolutely thrilled, don't they? It just goes to show, sometimes, risks do pay off. This couple finally had their dream come true after so many years of trying and failing. Congratulations, Ryan and Christy. 

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