Incredible! A Depressed 60-Year-Old Grandma Undergoes A Spectacular Transformation And Looks Half Her Age

Date October 5, 2018

A struggling woman got a chance to acknowledge the beauty underneath thanks to a pretty spectacular transformation.

The incredible makeover

Mary Johnson has had a pretty rough year and she wanted to do something to feel better. The 60-year-old grandma from Fargo, North Dakota, paid a visit to the Makeover Guy in Minneapolis, after being inspired by other women's transformations. 

undefinedMAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis / YouTube

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She told Christopher Hopkins – the Makeover Guy – that she wanted a look that will help her feel better about herself.

Mary revealed that she would have been overcome with grief if it were not for her granddaughter's constant support. She had experienced major losses that year, including her mother's death. But she was determined not to let it get her down. 

Hopkins, who specializes in bringing out the beauty in his clients, got to work to make Mary feel pretty and optimistic again. By the time he was done, Mary's granddaughter, who was also there to cheer her on, was blown away by the transformation!

undefinedMAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis / YouTube

The older woman looked like a woman in her 30s – and absolutely stunning!

Watch the video below to see how her look was achieved. 

Another viral makeover

Who knew that getting a shorter haircut can make a woman look decades younger? Thanks to Christopher Hopkins, another woman – Christal – got the makeover of her dreams, too.

She wanted to chop off her hair and donate it. And by the time Hopkins was done with her, Christal looked unrecognizable. 

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How to look younger

You don't need to go to a fancy makeup artist to create a youthful look. There are a few things you can do – especially when it comes to your hair and makeup – that will give you that fresh glow. 

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Town And Country Magazine shared some of their top tips for looking younger based on experts suggestion. Women were advised to:

  1. Choose warm, golden colors for their hair.
  2. Embrace thicker eyebrows using makeup.
  3. Use vitamin A on the skin.
  4. Consider long bangs for a younger-looking face.
  5. And don't forget to use sunscreen.

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Remember: At the end of the day, you're only as beautiful as you feel. So rock your looks with absolute confidence – and you will radiate energy and youthfulness!

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