Middle School Students Are Being Asked To Wear Certain Clothes Based On Their Relationship Status

Date October 3, 2018

Who knew middle school students had to worry about declaring their personal relationships to everyone? 

Spotlight Day for an Iowa school

Parents are outraged after students of Iowa Middle School and Iowa High School in Louisiana were asked to wear certain colors of clothes for their 'Spotlight Day' in order to declare if they were single, dating and so on. 

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For the celebration of their homecoming celebration, the students were told to dress based on their relationship status. A parent, M.J. Mouton, whose daughter attended the school shared a snapshot of these requirements and labeled it as 'inappropriate.'

Speaking to KPLC, Mouton insisted that it was ridiculous for the school to "play matchmaker for a 10 to 14-year-old." He considered the children as way too young to be worried about relationships and all of that. Doneka Dugas who also has a son in the high school said he believed the children were not old enough as well and his son wouldn't have done that when he was in middle school.

It was a huge mess

Author Michelle Icard also weighed in on the matter during an interview with Today. She said the theme sent a "negative message" and that the school would have done better to encourage students to express their individuality instead of forcing them to think about relationships. 

She added that some children had not even begun to explore that area of their life yet and this could create some awkward situations for them.

This was just a huge mess. I think it would be really humiliating to the kid who longs to be in a relationship or who was rejected by someone else. To have to broadcast that is strange.

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Social media reacts

Mouton post received almost 20,000 retweets on Twitter and more than 4000 reactions on his post. Many people expressed their views on the matter. 

Clearly, like Mouton, most commenters were simply shocked by the idea of putting the kids under that kind of pressure.

Mouton later that showed the response of the school on the matter. The management apologized and assured that such a scenario will not repeat itself come next year. 

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