School Head Tells 15-Year-Old Students That They Are Too Curvy To Wear Standard Uniforms And They Needed To Cover Up More

Date October 3, 2018 18:31

Two teenage girls were told that their knee-length uniform skirts were too short and against school regulations.

A furious mother

In an interview with the UK DailyMail, Gemma Porter said that her daughter Ellie and friend Jasmin were told they would be put in detention because their uniforms were too tight. 

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The 35-year-old mom claimed the school headteacher Julie Turvey and deputy David Veal did not only want to punish the girls for wearing what they considered as 'too-tight' skirts, but she also admitted that the length would have been more appropriate if the students had slimmer figures.

He said it’s OK for girls with slender figures to wear the standard school skirt, but it’s not OK for girls with curvy figures to wear it.

Gemma revealed that she received a message from the school warning her that if she did not buy Ellie a new skirt by the next day, the girl would be placed in detention.

After discussing the matter with the school, Gemma and Jasmin's mom had to take the girls shopping with some of the school teachers present. After trying on several skirts which the school representatives deemed unsuitable, Deputy Veal and his wife came skirt shopping with them. He insisted they purchased what Gemma described as "horrible" shin-length skirts, which were even made with a see-through fabric.

The schoolgirls were kept at home for 16 days pending a resolution of the matter. Meanwhile, Gemma has gotten letters from the school where it was stated that just because the uniform length was fine on one student does not make it suitable for another.

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She revealed that the girls are distraught over the matter as they battle body image issues. 

Outrage on social media

Carly Hughes, Ellie's aunt, shared a post on Facebook where she expressed her anger at the whole uniform saga. She posted pictures of the uniforms in question and asked her followers to share in hopes that the drama will be brought to an end.

Many people commented on the post insisting that it was insane for the school to basically punish these girls for having curves. 

A spokesman for the school said in a statement that the management has the right to request for uniforms to be changed if they do not meet the school's policy.

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