Newborn Baby Was Accidentally Breastfed By A Stranger Due To A Hospital Mix-up

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October 2, 2018 15:33 By Fabiosa

A mother of a newborn baby was very upset upon hearing that a stranger breastfed her child. 

The mom wants to sue

A mother is considering pursuing legal actions after her newborn son was given to the wrong mother to nurse at a hospital. 

10 hours after Joii Brown gave birth to her baby, the nursing staff took the infant son for circumcision surgery. But somehow, the baby ended up being breastfed by a stranger for two minutes.

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Speaking to News4Jax, Joii explained that the scariest part of it all was not knowing if the woman who breastfed her son was sick. She explained that due to certain laws, the hospital could not reveal to her if the woman had any type of diseases that Joii should be concerned about.

The mom also said doctors could not carry out the required tests to see if the child contacted anything because he was too young.

Even though she was told that it was a simple human mistake, Joii said this did not make any sense. 

This is something I feel like is more than just a mistake because, just looking at a wristband, that’s something really minor. All you had to do was look at the wristband and see that isn’t her child.

The worried mother isn't sure if she has a case and whether she should pursue it. 

Are there dangers to breastfeeding someone else's baby?

For the most part, there shouldn't be anything to worry about when a baby is being nursed by someone who is not his mother. However, Joii is right to be worried because if the person who nursed her baby has an infection, there's a chance it could be passed on. 

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Other disadvantages of nursing someone else baby include:

  1. Issues with the composition of breast milk if the breastfeeder's own child is of a different age or at a different stage of development from the child she's nursing.
  2. Interruption of breast milk supply for the mother of the baby.
  3. The possibility that the breastfeeder could have some habits, such as smoking, that may make the breastmilk dangerous for the baby.

Let's hope Joii Brown finds the answer she needs or better still, that her baby suffered no lasting problem from the incident.

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