"Oh No, What Have I Done?": A Man Listed His Girlfriend For Sale On Ebay And Someone Made A $119,000 Offer

Date October 10, 2018

A man wanted to play a prank on his girlfriend, but things turned out crazier than he expected. 

He thought it would be funny

A British man, Dale Leeks, thought he could carry out a revenge on his girlfriend by posting her photo on eBay and announcing that she was for sale. 

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Apparently, Dale's girlfriend, Kelly Greaves, played a joke on him first, and he wanted to get her back. While speaking to CTV News, Dale explained that he wanted to come up with something really funny. So he decided it would be hilarious to try and sell Kelly. 

As they were getting ready for a night out one evening, he put her up for bid on eBay. She actually thought it was funny and even promised she was going to get back to him for it. 

While posting his bid online, Dale described Kelly as a “miniature collectible,” and said she was more like a used car. He added that she made “constant whining noise” and that “the rear end leaks a bit, but nothing that can’t be plugged.”

The ad also warned that she was "fairly tidy, but close up shows signs of wear." While they were out on their dinner date, Dale's cell phone began beeping like crazy as people were bidding for Kelly and sending messages.

I thought, 'Oh no, what have I done'?

Eventually, eBay removed the ad 24 hours later, as it was against their policy to sell "human body parts or remains" via the platform. However, by the time the ad was taken down, the highest bid for Kelly had gone up to $119,000.

Dale and Kelly both thought the whole thing was funny but he never expected it to get the kind of reaction he did. 

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Pranks gone wrong

The thing with pranks is that, no matter how hard you plan them, you really cannot predict a person's reaction. That's why it's so hilarious when some pranks have an unexpected ending. 

Check out this compilation video of some of the best pranks that went wrong.

Hopefully, pranksters like Dale may want to think twice before trying to pull one over on someone else.

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