'She Is My Child, I Will Do Whatever I Want!' Mom Posts Photo Of Her 6-Month-Old Daughter With Pierced Dimples

Date October 10, 2018

It's kind of hard to post anything as a parent without someone seeing an issue with your parenting style. So when this mom decided to post something quite controversial, the internet was ready for her. However, things were not as they seemed. 

"I will do whatever I want"

A mom named Enedina Vance shared this picture below of her little girl with what seemed to be a pierced dimple. A ring of some sort could be seen glittering on her cheek. 

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Enedina then wrote in the caption that didn't her baby look good with a pierced face. She went on to explain that she had every right to do whatever she wanted with her daughter and she did not consider it as a form of abuse. Since it was not illegal, there was nothing stopping her from doing whatever she wanted.

The internet came for her in a brutal way. Some pointed out that putting her daughter through the pain of that piercing just for vanity's sake was definitely abuse. 

It's not what it looks like

While the post certainly got a lot of people talking, upon a closer look and it's hashtags, it turned out that Enedina was only being sarcastic. Her post was to draw attention to the issue of male circumcision and show that if piercing a baby's face could be considered abhorrent, then the idea of cutting a male child was even more so. 

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She made her point even clearer in a later post by explaining that she was considered insane for forcing her child to undergo facial piercing. She said she agreed with the comments from those who were outraged and hoped they had the same energy when it came to the issue of circumcision. 

The mother confirmed that her post was aimed at showing the society exactly why it was wrong to pierce a baby's ears or violate their bodies in any shape or form. And even though she was accused of 'parent shaming' Enedina believed she had passed across her point. 

Many people agreed with her perspective. And the mom still shares regular Facebook posts in order to raise awareness and encourage parents to see that some of their actions are harmful to their child.

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