Baby Died Minutes After Getting Baptized As Violent Baptism Videos Continue To Shock The World

Date September 26, 2018 13:51

Baptism is a religious rite that normally isn't expected to feature violence especially considering the fact that most times, little babies are the ones being baptized. However, some disturbing tales and stories have us wondering if this is a fair thing to do to children after all.

A baby once passed away following the process

In 2010, a priest was accused of being the cause of the death of a six-week-old baby in Moldova. Father Valentin was blamed as witnesses said he did not cover the child's mouth and nose when he immersed him in the water for the baptism. 

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Based on videos from the event, it looked like the child was moving after being taken out of the water, but while getting dressed afterward, he began to have difficulty breathing. Those present called for help and the ambulance soon arrived. Sadly, on the way to the hospital, the baby passed away after bleeding from his nose and mouth. It was later discovered that he had drowned.

The baby's father, Dumitru Gaidau said he also saw that the priest did not prevent water from entering the child's nose and mouth as it was normally done in other baptisms.

'We couldn't believe it that he just put his hand over his belly and over the head and submerged him three times in the water.

Father Valentin insisted that he was not to blame for the death.

Child abuse or a harmless ceremony

There have been a few videos posted of children being baptized that have left many people appalled and furious. 

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In this particular one shared on Facebook recently, a priest can be seen violently shoving a crying child in and out of the water. It's kind of hard to watch this without being enraged as this religious leader was far from gentle. 

Another one published by EuroNews featured a priest dunking the babies head first, then legs, three times before passing the obviously distressed child back to the parent.

Is the common practice?

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia confirmed to Greek City Times that baptism is not usually not done this way according to the Greek Orthodox practice. He explained that what these priests were doing was borderline physically abusive.

While some earlier churches preferred full immersion, these days, the ceremony is typically done by gently pouring water over the baby's head.

undefinedAntonio Gravante /

Whether or not this is a common practice, parents should always be watchful at these ceremonies and they have every right to say no if it looks like their babies are being handled violently. It is also a smart advice to watch first how the priest normally practices baptism before choosing them to do yours and your child's.

No baby should be subjected to this level of physical abuse as it may end very badly. 

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