Mom Of 10 Boys Says She Just "Keeps Falling Pregnant!"

Date October 16, 2018 16:02

Alexis Brett is a happy mom even though she's terribly outnumbered in her home as all ten of her children are boys. 

Being parents of all-boys

Alexis and her husband David certainly have their hands full and their home is understandably chaotic. The mom who welcomed her 10th son, Rothagaidh, last year revealed that she "just kept falling pregnant."

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The 38-year-old nurse has other boys including their oldest son, Campbell, who is 16. While speaking to Daily Record, she revealed that having ten sons was not because she kept trying to have a girl. She then laid out what her daily routine was usually like.

Alexis would wake up every day at 5:30 am then spends most of the day doing the housekeeping, including five loads of washing. But she never forgets to take care of herself as she revealed she still tried to go to the gym three times a week.

David and I do sometimes look at each other to say, ‘What have we done?’ but when the boys come out with something funny and make us laugh, it makes it all worthwhile.

David and Alexis met when they were working on a railway line to Aberdeen in 1998. They had their first son three years later. Alexis revealed they did not set out to have a large family but that was just how things worked out. She told the UK Mirror:

I’m an only child and David has a brother, so we were used to smaller families, but I just kept falling pregnant and, every time, we were happy about it.

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She said that all the pregnancies happened despite using contraception to prevent them. 

The kids at play

The family appeared for an interview on ITV's This Morning and nine of the kids, who were present, basically stole the show with their antics. Check them out below:

Both David and Alexis confirmed that even though they did not actually plan to have such a big family, they wouldn't have it any other way.

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