3-Month-Old Baby's Reaction Upon Hearing His Mom's Voice For The First Time Has The Internet Melting

Date June 12, 2018 15:43

A three-month-old baby had the biggest grin on his face when he heard his mother's voice for the first time ever. And we couldn't be more touched.

Hearing mama's voice

Archer was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss soon after he was born. A few months later, his parents took him to get hearing aids. 

It was not so easy for the boy who was understandably fussy. But doctors have finally succeeded, and little Archer let them know pretty quickly that it worked. 

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His momma began calling out his name and to test out if he could hear her. After a moment of surprise (which made sense since he had never heard her voice before then), Archer broke into the biggest smile ever. 

So far, Archer has been incredibly excited about being able to hear. While speaking to Jukin Media, his parents said he would always smile once someone started talking after he had the aids on. 

He is such an amazing and happy baby. He couldn't be loved more.

Doctors said Archer would very likely need cochlear implants when he's older. But for now, the boy is doing just fine with his hearing aids.

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The adorable look on these kids' faces when they hear the sound of their mother's voice is just one of the purest and sweetest things ever.

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