Smacking Your Kids Might Be Harmful As Psychologists Move To Outlaw It Because Of Its Detrimental Effects

Date September 28, 2018

Children, by nature, are playful and oftentimes, lack a sense of consciousness for whatever trouble they get into. As parents, we are in the position to decide on the best means of discipline, so that the child changes for the better. Sometimes, these methods involve smacking. However, this measure might be doing more harm than good.

Psychologists call for the ban of smacking children

Recently, the AEP (Association of Educational Psychologists) put forth a motion at the TUC conference for smacking and other forms of physical punishment to be outlawed.

Smacking Your Kids Might Be Harmful As Psychologists Move To Outlaw It Because Of Its Detrimental Effectsgalitsin /

Despite the fact that this system of discipline is prohibited in schools, parents can still administer it within ‘reasonable’ limits. The AEP however, aims for it to be completely abolished as it is harmful to the child. John Drewicz, an executive committee member, says physically chastising a kid tells them that violence is okay. He went on to mention countries that have banned it completely, including Sweden and Germany and urged that the same should be done in the UK.

Some people still believe smacking is profitable

Regardless of what psychologists might say, some parents are ardent fans of smacking. On the show, This Morning with Phillip and Holly, a mother of two, Rebecca Jane, said that she spanks her children and doesn't consider it abuse in the least.

She cited an example with the past generation, who, according to her is more well behaved than the present one. Rebecca went on to say that she only spanked her 12-year-old twice in her life and she is very well behaved. She differentiated between spanking as correctional and beating as abuse which was worth going to prison for.

Hilary Freeman who was also on the show, was against physical chastisement stating that it only causes the child to fear their parent.

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She mentioned talking to the child and making them see why they're wrong, as a preferred method of correction.

How to handle aggression

There are various situations, where one faces aggression from children, parents, friends, and even strangers. So how does one deal with it?

According to research, the most productive method is to acknowledge the act, without reciprocating in like or increased fashion. Sometimes, the hostile person may not be aware of the consequences of their actions. When they are made aware of these effects, that may cause them to change their ways.

Smacking Your Kids Might Be Harmful As Psychologists Move To Outlaw It Because Of Its Detrimental Effectsanekoho /

When faced with aggression, you should never let it get so heated, that it results in a physical altercation. Once tempers are high, the wise thing to do is to walk away and address the situation later when everyone is calmer.

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