Horrible Secret Shared By A Daycare Employee Has Left Parents Baffled And Devastated

Date November 12, 2018

Who can take care of the child better than a parent? No one, obviously. But sometimes, single guardians have to take their chances because daycare centers are not changing their irresponsible ways anytime soon!

A case of daycare staff negligence recently emerged that left a chill down everyone's spine. A napping 6-month-old toddler was left locked inside the Kids R' Us childcare center in Billings, Montana. The lights were off and there was no supervision, as the staff has closed for the weekend. It was a terrifying situation that left the baby's mother puzzled and furious when she arrived at 5:30 p.m to pick her son up.

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Luckily, the baby was retrieved in time when the owner rushed to handle the situation herself. This case shows clear misconduct, but what about the other times when parents aren't around? How do they literally divide their attention for all the kids? Does the staff care enough for innocent babies? The answer can be seen below!

Secret note from an employee

PostSecret is a Facebook page which allows its followers to share their deepest and darkest secrets by sending them by mail. They are later posted and shared online via the group. A daycare employee left an anonymous note to all proud parents with a casual confession about the way they treat children. As published by Yahoo!the message reads:

Daycare parent, how you treat ME is how your child is treated. Respect and appreciation go a long way.

The worker silently gave parents a clue that children bear the consequences of their parent's rude behavior towards the staff. In most cases, kids are even punished, and that's no secret to anyone. At least now, parents know the twisted mentality that underlies the babysitter's conduct towards their precious one!

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Parents and people are enraged

When the damning note was shared, it was quickly inundated with furious responses from disgruntled social media users. Parents were simply devastated by this hideous reality of childcare. The joint suggestion was that the person with this social exchange in mind should never do this job!

What's your reaction to this subtle admission of a guilty caretaker? Share this and let us know!

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