Racist Doctor Denied Treatment To A Latina Woman Who Even Had An English-Translating Daughter

Date November 9, 2018

It's important for a doctor to know a patient's cultural background. This is mostly to diagnose the patient's condition correctly by reconciling it with their genes and environment. But what if these healers refuse to look past ethnicity?

National health standards advocate for culturally competent care, language services, and organizational support to carry out proper treatment for Latinos in America. According to AFP, people with Mexican or Spanish origins comprise nearly 16% of the population, and this diversity is anticipated to spike up to 30% by 2050.

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These official measures are implemented at health care institutions only because there are obstacles for immigrants to get the health care they need. Many Latinos have gotten used to just self-treating. The following incident brings this issue to public light!

The doctor refused to help a Latina woman

A family captured video of a heated argument during a doctor’s visit. The Latinos have accused the cardiologist of racist conduct after he allegedly slammed the elderly patient for not being able to speak English. A mother, Yuset Galura, and her daughter had taken Ms. Galura’s mother, Maria Ramirez, to get her heart check-up at the Pulse Cardiology Hospital in San Bernardino, California.

The cardiologist snapped the moment he found out that Maria only speaks Spanish. He abruptly insulted her about living in this country and not knowing English.

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In the footage, Yuset kept trying to convince the doctor that her mother's lack of English shouldn't be a problem since she could translate for her.

You don’t need to tell me that she needs to learn English so you can communicate. Communicate through me, and I’ll let her know.

Despite that, Dr. Ryan said it's not the same and walked away. It seems he didn't care if information was not communicated clearly. What truly bothered him was her race.

Pulse Cardiology took serious notice and kept Dr. Ryan from performing further clinical duties. After public protest, he was deemed unfit for his job and fired. The healthcare institution also issued a statement to emphasize fair judgment, as Yahoo! reported:

The reported incident does not reflect the values of Pulse physicians, assistants, and administrators.


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People's reactions

Social media users found it enraging and saddening, at the same time. Offering different perspectives, they ultimately supported the girl.

Can you pinpoint whose actions led up to this unpleasant event? Share this and suggest how this can be prevented in the future!

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