Love Never Forgets: This Woman With Alzheimer's Still Remembers Her Daughters Name

Date September 19, 2018

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating neural condition that is a type of dementia. People who suffer from this condition have problems with their memory, and over time, they start to forget things. In the later stages, everyday functioning becomes a problem.

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Many people believe that dementia is a part of aging, but this is not true. Nevertheless, people above 65 are more likely to suffer from dementia. The condition is not a death sentence, as people who suffer from it can still lead a normal life for between four and twenty years.

Some things never fade

One story on Facebook is sending ripples through the internet and it involves a woman and her mother who is suffering from dementia. Lisa Hirsch’s mother is 94 and has lived with dementia for the past 14+ years.

Lying in bed, the woman asked her mother if she knew who she was. Surprisingly, she did. What made this moment even more heartwarming is the conversation that followed. The sweet old woman may be losing her memory, but at that moment, she remembered everything because of the love her daughter showed her.

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Thousands of people on Facebook have been commenting on the story, many of them were people who had similar experiences with their parents or relatives.

Hirsch's Facebook page, Alzheimer's My Mom My Hero, captures the time she spends with her mother and serves as a warm reminder that love always wins in the end, no matter what physical or mental state people may be in.

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