Woman In Ottawa Charged With Misdemeanor And Possible Jail Time For Seizing Her Daughter's Phone

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September 21, 2018 18:55 By Fabiosa

Children act out and exhibit bad behavior for various reasons. Some may be going through a traumatic phase. Misbehavior can also be part of growing pains. However, sometimes parents and guardians can find themselves on the receiving end and it can be a nightmare.

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Sometimes, children will lie and try to blame their misdeeds on other people, even parents, not minding that their lies could get innocent people in trouble. Seth Meyers Psy.D. found out the hard way when his son suggested he beat him at home, just to get out of being punished at school.

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Child abuse is a very serious issue in America and if investigations confirm abuse actually occurs, a parent could lose custody of their child, pay fines or even serve time in jail. Jodie May of Grandville is one such unlucky parent.

In May 2018, the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office arrested her after she seized her 15-year-old daughter’s phone in April as a punishment for bad behavior. According to 24 Hour News 8, the girl told her father about the incident and he then reported May to the police, claiming that the phone was his property and his ex-wife had stolen it from their daughter.

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May faced a misdemeanor charge of larceny and would spend up to 93 days in jail if found guilty. She stood before a judge on September 18 in what seemed to be an unfair trial. Not long after proceedings began, new charges were raised, larceny by conversion, also punishable by up to 93 days.

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However, Ottawa County Assistant Prosecutor Sarah Matwiejczyk told the judge not long after that May’s daughter had changed her story, saying the phone was actually her property, not her fathers.

Ottawa County District Judge Judy Mulder dismissed the case after state prosecutors requested a dismissal and all charges against May were dropped.

Parents are outraged

Many commentators on social media are disappointed that the court even agreed to hear the case against May, especially as her ex-husband made the charges and her daughter did not say her phone was stolen, to begin with.

Other commentators are more concerned about the father who most likely lied to the police and prosecutors, probably to stay on his daughter’s good side. Hopefully, May does not have to go through this experience ever again.

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