She Gave Birth In A Car! This Couple Shared Their Incredible Delivery Story With Jimmy Kimmel

Date September 17, 2018

Giving birth to a baby is no easy fit and some women choose to experience delivery in the most unusual way. Early this year, a couple decided to have their baby in the Red Sea in Egypt and it was not for lack of hospitals.

The woman had a doctor on hand to help with the delivery and her husband assisted. Some curious tourists filmed the entire incident and shared the clips on social media. It turns out both mother and baby were doing just fine.

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It can happen anywhere

Nevertheless, some women do not have much of a choice when it comes to delivery locations. Alexis Swinney was heading to the hospital this month with her husband Dominique and children to give birth. However, the baby was in a hurry to come out.

A midwife told Alexis she still had some time to get to the hospital which was about 12-15 minutes away from her house in McKinney, Texas. However, just 8 minutes into the drive, the baby decided it was time.

Alexis eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl right there on the passenger seat. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel, she said she had no idea the baby would not wait until they got to the hospital. Dominque captured the entire episode on his cellphone and the video has gone viral.

During the interview, Kimmel teased Dominique for shooting the video instead of driving but it turns out Alexis encouraged him to. Talk about teamwork.

undefinedJimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

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We are quite sure the couple’s other children were a bit confused when the baby was born. As for where babies come from, Kimmel’s guess is that if the young children are asked where babies come from, they are likely to answer, “well, from the car of course.”

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Finally, Kimmel surprised the Swinneys with a brand new Chrysler Pacifica. The little girl turned out to be a bundle of blessings for this charming family and she sure will have a lot of laughs when her parents will tell her the story of her birth in the future.

How to deliver babies in emergencies

Delivering babies in emergencies can be as safe as delivering them in a hospital. For starters, make sure the area is clean and put down some clean clothes, sheets, or newspapers under the mother. Then follow the steps in this video.

Try to get the mother and child to a hospital as soon as possible to avoid complications. All things equal, you will have one very grateful mother and baby thanking you in the future.

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