Delicious Every Time: 5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes When Preparing Avocados

Date September 12, 2018 18:28

Who doesn't love avocados? They have become one of the most popular foods and it's not just because of their taste. Avocados are full of vitamins and healthy fats, and are an absolute must in any healthy diet.

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But how can you maximize your avocado-eating experience and bring its taste to the next level? Consider the following common mistakes when preparing to eat your next avocado and learn how to avoid them.

1. Letting the flesh oxidize

Avocados turn brown very quickly, so it starts to oxidize as you're peeling it. Slice into your avocados when you're ready to consume them. If you need to prep them in advance, cover them with plastic wrap to avoid contact with air.

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2. Using under-ripe avocados

Forget about a good batch of guacamole if you're using under-ripe avocados, you won't get the best texture and the taste won't be quite right.

3. Using too-ripe avocados 

Too-ripe avocados are also not a perfect scenario. The texture gets too mushy, so if the avocado seems a bit brown, probably it is best to avoid it.

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4. Just slicing and serving 

Yes, avocados are good just as they are, but it never hurts to get a bit creative with them! Try grilling or frying them a bit, it will open a completely different world for you.

5. Skimping on the seasoning 

The flavor can get a bit too fatty, so it can't hurt to use a pinch of salt. Also, try adding acidity to the taste with some lime or lemon.

How too choose the right avocado?

Perfectly ripe avocados give in a bit when you press on them with your thumb. In addition, they shouldn't have any bruising and flesh underneath the stem must be bright yellow-green.

Pick your avocados carefully and enjoy the perfect result every time.

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