Designer Creates Bizarre Jewelry Out Of Umbilical Cords To Preserve The Mom-Baby Connection Forever

Date November 21, 2018 16:11

There are so many ways to keep sweet memories of pregnancy: memory boxes, photo sessions, original tattoos, etc. But now, parents can order jewelry made out of the umbilical cord.

As reported by Sofeminine, the umbilical cord feeds the baby in the mom’s womb by linking the fetus to the placenta. Usually, it is cut right after the baby is born, or some time after. Some fathers decide to cut the umbilical cord themselves as a symbolic act. But this is the first time that someone decided to use it for the jewelry.

Designer Creates Bizarre Jewelry Out Of Umbilical Cords To Preserve The Mom-Baby Connection ForeverLolostock /

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Umbilical cord jewelry

A jewelry designer from Florida, Ruth Avra, claims that umbilical cord jewelry helps to preserve the touching time the sweet baby had an in utero connection to its mom. She has been creating such unusual jewelry for six years now. She made her first piece after her friend asked her to make something using her baby’s umbilical cord.

During an interview with Today, she said:

A close friend gave me her son's umbilical stump back in 2011 and asked me to make jewelry out of it. I was a jeweler, it should have been a no-brainer, but the stump sat on my desk for several months. I was pregnant at the time with my first child and shortly after my son was born, I put my stump next to my friend's stump. The sheer difference of the two of them made me realize exactly what I needed to do.

Ruth Avra says umbilical cord jewelry is now very popular, and hundreds of people have already ordered such a beautiful piece of art. Usually, the process goes as follows: people mail the dried stump and wait for Ruth Avra to create jewelry silver and resin.

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Photos of umbilical cord jewelry created by Ruth Avra are also popular on social media. Most people claim that it is a great idea, especially for those parents who have stillborn babies. It is a unique way to keep memories about the wonderful time that the baby was in the mother’s womb.

Ruth Avra is definitely a talented jewelry designer, who makes it possible to preserve pregnancy memories forever.

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