This Mom Didn’t Stop Practicing Yoga After The Childbirth. Moreover, She Combined It With Breastfeeding, And Has Reasons For It

Date September 27, 2018

After the birth of a child, many women find it difficult to continue doing sports. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to include physical exercises into the daily routine. Postnatal yoga might be the right choice for women, who recently had a baby.

Postnatal yoga classes help to regain strength and energy that was lost during the pregnancy period. According to the Prenatal Yoga Center website, the main focus of postnatal yoga is on rebuilding the strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic muscle, releasing tension in the shoulders and neck, and opening the chest.


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This woman managed to combine yoga and breastfeeding! Carlee Benear is a mom and a yogi, and she shocked the whole world by posting the videos of herself doing yoga while breastfeeding.

Carlee Benear claims that yoga and breastfeeding help her to bounce back from the physical and emotional effects of giving birth. The woman started such an unusual yoga practice after the birth of her second child.


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It became an effective tool in fighting the postpartum depression and has made her parenting experience more comfortable and relaxing.

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Carlee already has more than 70,000 Instagram followers, and most of them are rather supportive in her decision to combine yoga and breastfeeding.

She is such an incredible and strong women!

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