Breast Milk On Board: Flight Attendant Breastfeeds A Passenger’s Baby When The Mom Runs Out Of Formula

Date November 12, 2018

When we enter the plane, we usually see beautiful and smiling women and men greeting passengers and welcoming them aboard. Nevertheless, it's not their main responsibility, as flight attendants are usually responsible for ensuring the safety of the flight and making sure the flight deck is secure.

Besides the primary role, they also serve beverages, snacks, and meals to passengers during the flights. Flight attendants are always friendly and supportive, ready to help at any moment.

Breast Milk On Board: Flight Attendant Breastfeeds A Passenger’s Baby When The Mom Runs Out Of FormulaESB Professional /

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Patrisha’s special flight

Patrisha Organo, a 24-year-old stewardess of Philippine Airlines, proved that sometimes, flight attendants can even save lives. The woman described her special working day on her Facebook page, making people all over the world cry.

That day was very special for Patrisha, as she was having a qualification in order to become a Cabin Crew Evaluator. Of course, it is a big step in the career, so Patrisha knew that this flight won’t be typical. But she could not even imagine how unusual it would be!

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When Patrisha heard the baby crying, she immediately approached the mother and asked how she could help. The woman had tears in her eyes and was completely desperate, saying she ran out of formula. The baby was crying, and there was nothing people could do.

Patrisha came up with a brilliant idea: She offered to breastfeed the woman’s child. The flight attendant kept feeding the baby until she fell asleep. The mother was very thankful and touched by Patricia’s big heart.

Turned out, Patrisha Organo supports breastfeeding and has a 9-month-old baby at home. She is such a great mom!

Facebook users actively comment on the situation, writing that Patricia is an example to be followed by others.

Patrisha Organo did everything possible to help the mother who ran out of formula. She proved to be a professional, a helpful stewardess, and just a kind person, doing everything possible to save others.

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