Homeless California Woman Had A Chance To Give Her Daughter Up For Adoption And She Made A Heartwarming Call

Date September 5, 2018 14:01

A little girl in California born to a homeless woman battling addiction has just been given a chance to live a normal life by a kindhearted cop.

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Cop meets a homeless woman

Her story began when police officer Jesse Whitten had a chance meeting with the little girl's mom on the streets of Santa Rosa while he was on patrol.

The cop and the homeless woman struck up a friendship. And on one of their encounters, she had a chance to meet the cop's wife, Ashley.

Surprise call

Ashley told CBS San Francisco that on their first meeting, they struck up a conversation about motherhood and when she got the woman to talk about her pregnancy, something rare and unexpected happened.

The woman took Ashley's hand and placed it on her womb. At that moment, she got to feel the baby that would become hers after she and Jesse got the surprise call on Valentine's Day the following year to adopt Harlow.

The Whittens already have 3 daughters. Ashley says this new experience is weird because of the joy and heartbreak of Harlow's story and people are just as touched by their story online. Congratulations to them!

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