Worst Proposal Ever? Man Accused Of Stealing Girlfriend’s ‘Thunder’ By Proposing In The Middle Of A Marathon

Date November 9, 2018

The New York City Marathon is the world’s biggest and most famous marathon. It started with only 55 finishers, but by 2018, more than 52,000 people crossed the finished line. It’s an extremely challenging 26.2-mile race, which got even more difficult for one woman, whose boyfriend decided to pick the worst time to pop the question.


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Unforgettable proposal

Seeing your beloved partner get down on one knee and ask you to spend the rest of your life with him is probably what many girls dream. But it doesn’t seem as romantic when you're running towards the finish line covered in sweat.

Kaitlyn Curran, a nurse from New Jersey, was getting closer to mile 16 of the New York City Marathon when her long-term boyfriend, Dennis Galvin, dropped to one knee in front of her, after jumping over the barrier.

Kaitlyn’s shock was captured on video by her two cousins and was later shown on CBS Evening News’ Twitter account. Despite being thrown off her pace and shaken with excitement, the bride-to-be quickly took off to finish the marathon with a shiny engagement ring on her finger.

However, many social media users were enraged over the time Galvin chose to propose, saying that he acted very 'selfish'.

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The Twitterverse is not happy

The avalanche of hate and criticism was so overwhelming that Curran’s cousin, Rachel Bossbaly, decided to clear the air by saying that Kaitlyn loved every minute of her unusual proposal and was happy with the way everything turned out. But do you think the moment would have been even more memorable if Galvin popped the question after she crossed the finish line?

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