Mom Who Struggled With Infertility For More Than 4 Years Welcomes 4 Babies Within 13 Months

Date July 19, 2019

Infertility is difficult to live with. That said, sometimes, we make things harder on ourselves and decide to stop fighting for our right to be happy and enjoy the blessing of motherhood.

Mom Who Struggled With Infertility For More Than 4 Years Welcomes 4 Babies Within 13 MonthsSam Wordley /

Tracy Caliendo, however, didn't give up! When the desperate mom found out she was pregnant after several failed IVF cycles and a miscarriage, she still could not believe that this time everything was going to be ok. That's why she decided to call a surrogacy agency.

Although they were really confused when she said she was pregnant they agreed on the procedure. The 43-year-old from Manhattan explained that she was simply worried about losing another pregnancy. The woman told Today:

“I was desperate to have a baby and would do anything to make sure it happened.”

Caliendo and her husband, Pete Pasetsky, 42, welcomed a daughter named Harlow in August 2017.

Their surrogate gave birth to twin girls Piper and Presley four months later. Imagine the couple's surprise when 13 weeks after the twins were born via surrogate, Caliendo noticed her body was changing:

“I am thin, so it was pretty noticeable...I thought something was wrong with me and made a doctor’s appointment.”

The woman was absolutely shocked and happy at the same time.

Once she was crying because she thought she would not have children any more and now she has 4 adorable babies!

And although life with 4 kids is challenging the woman admits that she feels blessed to have them. All in all, miracles always happen when you least expect them!