It's So Hilarious! Exhausted Dad Is Lulling To Sleep A Balled-Up Robe Instead Of His Own Baby

Date September 27, 2018

Is it really possible not to be exhausted as a new parent? Ask any new parents and they will say in one voice “No, it’s not!”

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With a newborn, parents have to get through the sleepless nights and no less exhausting days. You don’t have time left to take a shower or have a cup of coffee. For months, you can forget about meeting with friends and colleagues.

But all this actually doesn’t matter because you already have the greatest treasure and highest blessing of your life – your sweet baby.

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This dad definitely needs to sleep

In case you already passed through all these things mentioned above, you’ll definitely like this hilarious video of parenting routine.

This new dad must be so exhausted after sleepless nights, that he accidentally confused a balled-up rob for his baby and tried to lull it to sleep. Fortunately, his smart wife captured this cute moment on video. Get ready to laugh out loud.

This is so sweet! People on social media reacted immediately and started to support the “hero dad.” Probably, some of them just recognize themselves.

Another “hero dad”

We just couldn’t help sharing this awesome tip from another “hero dad.” His invention of calming down a baby deserves a standing ovation. This baby-feeding technique is a perfect solution for all new dads. Simple but genius!

A father brings unique contribution to parenting a child that no one else can replicate. It’s so great that we have such super dads!

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