12-Year-Old Boy Faced Outrageous Racism And Now Tries To Stop Bullying With The Help Of His Parents

Date November 2, 2018

Kids can be violent in attempts to experience domination and receive recognition of other children. And it is arguably ok until they cross the line. Unfortunately, these days, many children do not know the limits or simply don’t care about the consequences. One can blame parents for the wrong raising of their kids, yet it is much more important to keep talking and addressing this issue to stop bullying at schools. The statistics show us that bullying is indeed one of the most important problems in the US.

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Stop bullying: realizing the scale of the issue

According to different studies, the numbers prove that the problem is extremely widespread and concerns everybody. It was estimated that more than 150,000 children skip classes because of the fear of being bullied. And that is not all of that. Let’s look at some more scary facts:

  1. 30% of children admit to bullying someone at least once.
  2. more than one-quarter of students are bullied at school.
  3. more than 70% of children become passive witnesses of bullying.
  4. Michigan, Louisiana, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Montana are the states were bullying occurs most often.

We will just throw it here: no child can receive a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school because of bullying. Not to mention, how many times did bullying become the reason of mass school shootings? How much hatred and madness can it produce?

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Stop bullying: one boy’s anti-bullying campaign

Often times, bullying is standing neck to neck with racism. Children are born without any of these concepts, but somehow still resort to them. The story of 12-year-old Tarrick Walker proves exactly that. The boy was called a “dumb N-word” over and over by one classmate at his school, and even was nearly physically assaulted, when Tarrick’s friends stood up for the boy. Realizing that not everyone might have such strong support, Walker decided to launch “Anti-Bullying” campaign.

With the help of his parents the boy became a huge advocate of anti-bullying and now he stands up for the victims. According to Tarrick’s father, he himself had been bullied at school. Marcel Walker warns every parent about the terrible consequences of bullying: increased insecurities, depression, social disorders, etc.

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The Walkers have already donated 100 shirts and wristbands to children in order to address the issue. We have to let children know they shouldn’t tolerate bullying in its any form! You can buy the T-shirt for only $12 by sending a direct message to Marcel Walker on his Facebook page.

Stop bullying: helping children as a parent

As a parent, you are not only the very first person who is responsible for teaching your child love and the limits of accepted social behavior, but also who should be there for their children in case they are bullied at school. Some parents may not know how to deal with such issue or simply not sure how to help their child correctly. According to psychologists, there are certain fundamental recommendations you might want to follow in order to stop or at the very least to minimize bullying and its consequences.

  1. If your child comes to you for help with bullying, try to reassure them that they did the right thing when came to you. You may create a diary of events together to then later address it to the school authorities if needed.
  2. Make sure they understand that it’s not their fault. Don’t take any actions without first discussing the intentions with your child.
  3. Let the child come up with the solutions to the problem. Help them identify their possible choices and the potential actions to take. Discuss all the pros and cons of such solutions.
  4. Get your child involved in activities that build up their confidence. It would be even better if such activities take place outside of the school so that your child could find new acquaintances and possibly make new friends.
  5. If you feel that the situation escalates quickly, discuss it with the school authorities. A safe environment is a basic right of any child. Schools have to provide safety by punishing those who violate behavioral rules. You can also make an official complaint the situation is not getting better.

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Only by constantly raising awareness, we can make the world a better place for our children. Parents’ role in bullying cannot be overestimated. We have the biggest responsibility in helping our children grow into decent people and succeed in life.

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