One-Year-Old Child Was Hospitalized After Being Heavily Assaulted In A Daycare Center; Desperate Mom Is Furious

Date May 8, 2018

Shocked mother found her one-year-old baby completely beaten in a daycare center in Indianapolis. The boy had to be taken to hospital with busted eyes, swollen lips, scratches, cuts, and blood around the face. Police is trying to figure out who might have assaulted the little so badly.

Horrible beating

Little Jesse was spending his day at Kiddie Gardens Daycare and waiting for his mother, Griffin, to come see the horrible picture.

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When the woman was approaching the establishment, she heard the child's crying and immediately recognized her son:

I hear my son screaming from outside, me and his dad, we hear him screaming. As we go in there he's in a high chair and both of his eyes busted, his lips swollen, top and bottom, scratches all through his face, cuts, blood everywhere.

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Griffin couldn’t hold her anger and claimed to punch a 22-year-old worker who said Jesse suffered from another 2-year-old child. However, the injuries the kid received couldn’t have been made by a little baby:

No way was a two-year-old baby the violent type. And her mom said scratches, her baby might do, but when she seen that picture she started crying and said her baby wouldn't do anything like that.

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Infamous daycare center

Little Jesse had to be hospitalized due to the serious injuries, and the police are now trying to figure out the real reason for the beating. For now, Kiddie Gardens Daycare is closed, and no comments from the employees have been given.

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It was also announced that the owner of the establishment had two other daycare centers that continue working in the same pace. Griffin is desperate. She claims there is no peace left for her as she is not sure she can leave her child on anybody else anymore.

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Daycare establishments' issue

With a hectic lifestyle and inability to stay with kids during the work time, parents have to find a decent daycare center to look after their children. However, not always a colorful design means perfect resort for your babies. Learn about the establishment’s reputation first.

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Ask the people who used its services whether they are satisfied. The internet is a great possibility to find out everything you might need. Also, pay attention to the curriculum. You should know what your kid requires, so if you have doubts about the program, it is better to look for the most satisfying center.

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Finally, talk to staff. Take a look at how they behave with the kids. Let them describe their daycare experience so that your baby will always be safe only with the most competent people.

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