“What’s Funny?!” Desperate Mother Rushed Towards Smirking Killer Of Her Child And Was Seen Off From The Court Hall

Date May 16, 2018

Desperate mother rushed towards the smirking killer of her 3-year-old boy who was accidentally shot by a stray bullet. The deputies had to use force to calm down the enraged mother and the upcoming brawl between the two sides.

Terrible accident

On April 1, a terrible accident took place at a gas station. Christopher Cullins and his family happened to suffer from the unknowns firing paintball guns at the customers. The furious 15-year-old eight-grader decided to make a return fire but with the real gun this time.

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He made at least one shot towards the cars where the paintball jokers were located but missed. Unfortunately, the bullet found another victim – it hit a 3-year-old boy who was peacefully sleeping in his mother’s SUV.

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Court rage

Ten days later, Christopher was arrested, accused of the murder of 3-year-old T’Rhigi Craig. The teenager was charged as an adult in this trial. Before the bond hearing was about to begin, the hall was struck with an unexpected act of rage. When Cullins was entering the court, his face was far from guilty plea – he was smirking and looking at the defendant’s family.

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The desperate mother couldn’t handle such impudence and began shouting at Christopher and his family:

What’s funny? What’s funny?

The deputies had to interfere when the family members of both sides started acting aggressively. The guard had to see some people off from the court hall to calm them down.

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Unjust life

Such accidents are severely unfair to the suffered side. Roshanda Craig, the mother of the killed, just visited the fateful gas station at the wrong time. Hopefully, the court will make a justified decision; hopefully, the guilty will be punished, and the soul of little T’Rhigi will find its peace somewhere in the better place.

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