Unknown 31-Year-Old Father Was Named Celebrity Dad Of The Year. He Has Beaten Even Prince William

Date June 15, 2018 15:16

The YouTube blogger and the father of two kids, the 31-year-old Mark Hoyle, known as LadBaby, was called the Celebrity Dad of the Year.

Mark has picked more than three million social media fans by showing his life as a parent.

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He has beaten the widely known celebrity dads, including Prince William, Rio Ferdinand, David Walliams, Liam Payne, and many others.

Mark Hoyle was shocked when he was named the Celebrity Dad of the Year. He said:

Shocked is an understatement. Full credit to my awesome army of fans and followers who all made it their mission to help me take home the award.


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Mark said he would be happy to invite other celebrity parents to his house and share the experience of being a dad:

If Anthony Joshua, Simon Cowell or Prince William want to pop round to my house and see some of my dad hacks in action I’d be happy to stick on the kettle.

His wife, Roxanne, used to tease Mark over his nomination for the award. But now, when he became the Dad of the Year, he promised not to forget it.

Mark Hoyle is rather famous on the Internet, and his videos have often become viral.

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