95-Year-Old Daytona Grandma Goes To Jail For Slapping Granddaughter With A Slipper

Date May 17, 2018 14:37

95-year-old woman from Daytona Beach, Florida, was recently arrested by police after slapping her granddaughter in the face with a slipper. After the incident, woman called 911 by herself, because she wanted to get her granddaughter out of the room.

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The woman said:

She won’t get out of my bed. I want her out of the bed, I don’t want to get myself in trouble, ... cause she don’t listen after me.

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Hattie Reynolds, the arrested woman, explained the situation by saying she was "tired of her granddaughter staying in bed all day soaking up the air conditioning."

The woman said her 46-year old granddaughter didn’t agree to get out of the house, and made her angry. The next moment she took a slipper and hit her in the face.

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When police arrived, granddaughter refused to press charges. Nevertheless, because of the domestic violence laws, they had to arrest the woman.

The police officer said:

If your wife reported that you threatened to hit her, you would be arrested because that is domestic violence assault.

Police officers did what they had to do according to existed laws. Although, corporate punishment is still legal in the US. Corporate punishment is an act by a parent or legal representative, causing deliberate physical pain to a child.

Despite the fact corporate punishment is still legal, it is strongly not recommended to hit your child, and there are many reasons for it. Firstly, parents act as a role model for children. Those parents who hit children demonstrate that it is a normal thing in the society. Secondly, it can lead to emotional stress and physical problems in future.

What do you think about slapping children? Is it a necessary part of a discipline, or it should be considered as a physical abuse?

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